Outgoing(Withdrawal) Wires

Fortress APIs allow the ability to send a wire out to any external bank account in the US. In order for us to perform this functionality, we'll need the end users banking information.

POST /api/trust/v1/external-accounts/wire

//Sample Request Schema
  "identityId": "3fa85f64-5717-4562-b3fc-2c963f66afa6", //identityId of the end user sending the wire
  "accountNumber": "572490710216",
  "routingNumber": "021001208",
  "receiverName": "John Doe",
  "receiverAddress": {
    "street1": "4220 Davisson Street",
    "postalCode": "46173",
    "city": "Rushville",
    "state": "IN",
    "country": "US"
  "receiverBankName": "Wells Fargo",
  "receiverBankAddress": {
    "street1": "4637 South St",
    "street2": "Suite A5",
    "postalCode": "47836",
    "city": "Elkhorn",
    "state": "NE",
    "country": "US"

Make a payment(withdrawal)

Once you've submitted the above call, an externalAccount object will be created to reference that particular bank for wire transfers. Followup with a payments call to initiate the withdrawal process.

POST /api/trust/v1/payments

  "source": {
    "custodialAccountId": "F3CA08AC-3058-4C3C-81E7-51DA24B171FF", //the Fortress account from which the funds will be pulled to send
  "destination": {
    "externalAccountId": "488H158A-921E-4D79-9F2D-5FDA08F93653" //The connected bank account from the above call
  "comment": "Weekly Withdrawal",
  "funds": 100

Once the payment is initiated, a transaction object will be created in which you can monitor the status to know when the wire has been sent from our bank to the end user's bank. You'll also receive a webhook update once the status has changed.